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Writes reader Grace;

I had been with my boyfriend, John, for more than two years when a friend told me about engagement. Another friend and I had both been hoping to get engaged, so we planned a double date for June 22—two years and two months to the day from when Jeff and I met at the dog park.
Let me preface the next part by saying John is always the one to ruin the end of the movie. Less than 15 minutes in, he announces the plot—which drives me crazy! Still, when I told John that my friend and her boyfriend were coming for dinner and I was making a whole chicken (highly unlikely under normal circumstances!), and he asked with a smile, "What is this? A baby-making recipe? A getting married recipe?" I was floored! I tried to play it off, but I figured a post-chicken engagement was off the table for us. Still, I made the chicken on June 22. Our friends were coming for dinner, after all, and I figured I could hook a sister up.

Three days later we were in Seattle, where we were running the Rock 'n' Roll Half Marathon together after training for months. Thirteen miles in—just a few feet before the finish line—Jeff stopped running, turned to me, and said, "I don't know if it was the chicken , but ..."

Says John:
I knew all along I would only propose to grace , when she least expected it—and the race provided the perfect opportunity.
A few months before we left for Seattle, I chose the perfect engagement ring, but I was concerned about getting it from the starting line to the finish line without losing it. On race day, I wound up tucking it in a tiny plastic bag from the jeweler and safety-pinning the bag inside the built-in pocket of my running shorts. I had to pat my pocket every so often to make sure it was still there!
At mile 6, I decided exactly what I was going to say when I proposed, and I spent the next six miles repeating the words in my head so I didn't forget them. At mile 12 I dropped a few steps behind Natalie, grabbed the ring, tore the plastic bag apart, and slipped the ring on my right pinkie, band-side out.
When we were almost at the finish line, Grace asked me to hold her hand so we could cross the finish line together, but I shook my head no. That wasn't the response she was hoping for, but I had something better planned. Just steps before the finish line I put my hand on Natalie's shoulder to stop her.
"I don't know if it was the chicken, but ..." I said, as I dropped down on one knee. "Ever since I saw you at the dog park, I knew you were my girl. Don't think of this as us crossing a finish line together, but us crossing a starting line to a new chapter of our lives together. [Insert heavy breathing!] Natalie Jeana Welch, will you marry me?" I'm still not exactly sure that she said yes!
I was worried Grace would find out about my proposal plan, so I had added an extra element of surprise. I guessed that the first person a girl calls after getting engaged would be her mom, so I wanted the first person Grace Saw when she crossed the finish line to be her mother. I let her mom and my parents know about the plan, so they all flew to Seattle to celebrate with us. When Grace noticed her mom, she covered her mouth and began to cry.
It was a race we will never forget. (And for the record, she got the ring—but I beat her by one second!)

By; Grace and John
proposed 8/14/2011
Married 7 years

Jack and Ross had been dating for nearly two years and living together for a year, when they decided to get hitched. His proposal was sort of a non-proposal.
From Jack : "We were at dinner with his parents and he kept looking at me strangely all night. We got home and I asked what was up, and he said he was going to ask me to marry him but thought his parents would make too big a deal out of it.
I said, 'Screw that, we should just go to Vegas' and he asked if I would do that, thinking I wanted a big wedding. I said Hell YES! and we booked it then and there. We flew out exactly 2 weeks later and got married at the Little White Chapel on the Strip
By; Jack and Rose 4/03/2004

Sonia and Jason met in the park and immediately clicked. Eighteen months later, the couple married in a traditional Indian celebration at San Francisco's magnificent Omani Hotel!!

When it was time to think about wedding bands, Sonia and Jason looked toward time-honored style. "We wanted wedding bands that reflected our traditional ways," Sonia says. Together they decided on vintage-inspired platinum bands with matching etching along the border. Sonia's band included a row of shimmering diamonds, while Jason's band featured two rows of mil grain pattern. Then the couple added a personal touch -- they had the phrase "Kindred Spirits" engraved on their rings. "We really wanted our bands to be a piece of art that reflected our commitment," Sonia says.

By; Sonia and Jason
Married 10/o6/2011

Their Love Story
Set in the Blue Ridge Mountains in North Carolina, Ashley and Tod summer nuptials were a model of elegance and sophistication.
Their Ring Story
"We both like classic, clean styles with small unique touches," Ashley explains. They worked with the jeweler Tod had enlisted to create Ashley's princess-cut engagement ring on designing their wedding bands. Tod chose a moderately thick, white-gold band rimmed with two thin rings of polished metal. "Tod plays golf, and his ring has to be comfortable so it doesn't affect his handicap," Ashley says. She opted for a beautiful platinum band with eight princess-cut diamonds to match her engagement ring. Once you know what you want, Ashley advises, "take your ideas to a jeweler who can customize rings exactly to your personal tastes and styles."

If you're opting for custom bands, start the process early, allowing us time to prepare.
By; Ashley and Tod

Hiking My boyfriend Rick and I are Foreign Service officers, I am stationed in Kampala, Uganda and he is in Sana, Yemen. We hadn't seen each other since June, so we met up during Columbus Day weekend in Ethiopia.
I arrived to Addia Abba, Ethiopia on Thursday morning at 6:30 am, and found Rick pretty quickly. He had arrived at 2.0 am and had waited on me in the airport. After a few days in Addia, we decided to take a day trip north of the city. The whole day was fabulous, even the 100km drive was

beautiful, dotted with farms and herds of sheep, cattle, and goats being led by young shepherds, with the mountains in the distance.
We hiked out over a 15th century bridge, overlooking the Blue Nile Gorge, which is similar in size to the grand canyon... but imagine the grand canyon covered in green terraced fields with monkeys jumping around and waterfalls. Stunning doesn't do it justice. It's one of the most beautiful things I've ever seen. After passing by a 3 tiered waterfall and overlooking the massive expanse of the canyon with the Blue Nile River below, we sat down on rock outcrop with the waterfall to our right and a bit behind us and the stunning view ahead of us. It's then that Richard pulled a classic House Diamond ring out of his bag and asked me to be his wife. :)
Obviously, I said yes and we remained on the rock overlooking the vista for a long time, soaking up the moment and not wanting it to end.
Eventually though, we hiked back. We drove back through same beautiful countryside, but this time with the sun setting and with a permanent grin on my face. The driver must have known something was up b/c he put in a CD of all American 90's love songs for the drive home. We were mostly serenaded by Celine Dion for the next 100km and for once, that was the perfect music. :)

By; Rick and Sim
married 6/08/2001

Making the Movies Jealous
I have heard some pretty amazing and sweet proposal stories but I never though in my life that my proposal would be the greatest proposal ever pulled off! This is my proposal story. Please have tissues ready to wipe your tears of sweetness as well as your tears from laughing so hard. I am serious; this will be the greatest proposal story ever!
After 26 years of feeling like I was never going to find my happily ever after, I found the man of my dreams lived less than 2 miles down the street from me. We knew "of" each other since he graduated with my older brother but we never really hung out. Well this past November (2010) we ran into each other at a local event and we became friends on Facebook. We talked, but only as friends because we were both in relationships that we both knew wouldn't last. Well, one day after I ended it with my current boyfriend I messaged Matt (my fiance) and told him we should hang out as friends. He agreed and said he actually just ended his relationship as well.
Our first date was actually a non-date….haha…. We both said we were just hanging out as friends but after a night of non-stop laughing and goofing off, it quickly changed from a non-date to the best first date ever. On our second date, first real one, he told me he was cooking me dinner at his house. Well when I got there the house was very clean and smelled amazing. One thing I noticed was the house was quiet and the kitchen table was bare and empty. He took me into his bedroom and shut the door (which I thought was a little weird). He surprised me with about 10 scratch off lottery tickets (which I love)! After about the 15 minutes it took me to scratch off the tickets, he asked me if I was ready for dinner. I told him yes and he tells me he reserved the best seat in the house. I thought he was just kidding with me until we walked out of his bedroom and now somehow there was soft music playing, candles were lit on the mantle, and the dinner table was set! I was in shock because he was with me the whole time! How could he have done this?!? So he walks me to the table and pulls out my seat. Then he goes to his seat and sits down. He asked me if I wanted some wine and when I said yes, he raised his hands above his head and clapped two times. Just then his friend comes walking around the corner wearing a three piece suit, with a towel draped over his arm, carrying a bottle of wine! I was SO SHOCKED that I actually fell out of my chair! It was the sweetest and most romantic thing anyone had ever done for me. Once I caught my breath, I told Matt that I felt like I was in the movies. His response is what has become the entire theme of our relationship and the entire concept of the proposal. He said "We are going to make the movies jealous."
Sorry for the long background story but I wanted you to get the total feeling and meaning behind the most incredible proposal ever!
So a week ago, my brother text me and ask what I am doing the following weekend. I tell him I am going to be very busy because I was making a wedding and a groom's cake and it was Mother's Day weekend. He tells me it is the first weekend he has had off in a while and he really wanted to go see the movie "Fast Five." I told him I would make time so I could go with him so we could spend some time together. I asked Matt if he wanted to go but he said he was going to have to do a work dinner that day.
Well a week goes by and it is now Saturday, May 7. Matt has his brother over at the house and tells me we are going to have a few people over that night for a little get together. Matt and his brother deliver the cakes and then come back to the house and get the house clean. Matt was so sweet while he was delivering the cakes, he bought me a gift certificate to get my nails done that afternoon. When I got back to the house after getting my nails done, Matt had the house spic and span. He even set up the bathroom for me to get ready. He had already showered was in a suit since he was going to a work dinner. He left just after I got in the shower.
Well my brother comes to Matt's house to pick me up to take me to the movies. He was really excited to see this movie and didn't want to be late. The movie started at 5pm and we pulled up to the theater at 4:50pm. My other brother is in a wheelchair so when we walked into the theater we sat in the wheelchair row. I sat between my two brothers.
The first trailer came on and it was "The Hangover 2." I told my brothers that Matt would see that movie the day it came out! The next trailer came on and the background music was Train's Marry Me. I started to tell my brother but then I heard a voice in the trailer that sounded familiar. The trailer showed a young man talking to an older man about asking for his daughters hand in marriage. The two men were only shown from chest down. The voice sounded like Matt but there was no way it could have been him. The more I watched the trailer the more it sounded like Matt's voice and the more the older man looked like my daddy's hands. Then the older man spoke and gave the younger man permission for his daughters hand in marriage. The two men hugged as the camera pulled back. The picture went blurry and then came back into focus and it WAS MATT and MY DADDY!!!! I absolutely lost it and began crying. I mean how was this happening? I was in a public theater with people I saw walk in that I didn't know! Then the title screen of the movie comes on and it says "Making the Movies Jealous…staring Matt Still and
Ginny Joiner"
Then my Daddy says to Matt in the video, "What are you waiting for?!?!" Just then Matt takes off running in the video. I then notice the video was taken place at the Church Campground I grew up at. Well Matt runs to his car, gets in, peels out, and brooms off down the road. Then it shows the outside of the exact theater I am currently sitting in! He pulls up and slams on the brakes right in front of the theater. He runs in, jumps the lines, and then stops!……..and walks over to the concession stand and waits for popcorn!!!! Hah aha…..Everyone in the theater burst into laughter. He gets his popcorn and then continues to run towards the theater I am in. When he comes around the corner in the trailer, it shows him in slow motion with epic music playing. He gets to the exact door I am in, throws up a piece of popcorn in the air and catches it in his mouth. He opens the door and then the screen goes bright. Just then Matt walks around the corner wearing the exact outfit he was wearing in the video! He walks up to me and pulls me out of my seat. He tells me that he told me we would be making the movies jealous and that he meant it. He drops down to one knee and asks me to marry me. I know I nodded my head YES but I don't know if I actually was able to get the words out of my mouth. I was crying and hugging him and then he tells me he has one more surprise for me. Then he turns me around where I see my mom, dad, grandma, his parents, his brothers/sisters, and all our closest friends! They were in the theater the whole time!
To make this even more amazing, Matt had a hidden camera on me the whole time and had a camera follow him into the theater. He caught the whole proposal on tape! I also find out the group of people he was having come over that night was for MY ENGAGEMENT PARTY!
I can honestly say that I know my fiancé pulled off the most incredible proposal ever! To make it better he caught it all on tape for us to have a lifetime. I couldn't ask for better fiance and his proposal makes everyone tear up. To think he went through all that trouble for me makes me feel like the luckiest woman alive. I can't wait to marry this man and spend the rest of my life with him

By; private

My boyfriend planned to check out the Niagara Falls on a long weekend and I just couldn't say no to my favorite vacation spot. So on April 20 ,2008 morning we reached Niagara and in the evening at 4 pm we got into our blue raincoats to take a ride of the 'Maid of the Mist', the world famous boat ride of Niagara. Our boat had reached under the Cave of the Winds and I began admiring the beauty and excitement of that place. "Wow! This is so amazing" that's what I said to Dominic, though looking towards the huge waterfall. I suddenly realized that he is not responding and I turned back to watch him on his knees with a beautiful diamond ring in his hand. I was still thinking what to tell when he popped up, "Sharon, will you marry me?" For the next one minute I just kept smiling and giggling with joy. "Yes, how wouldn't I", I said with tears in my eyes. He stood up, gave me a hug and kissed me. That's when I heard some people cheering and applauding. That was the second surprise. My best friends Christine, Sarah, Adler and Dominic's friends Olivia and Braden were surrounding both of us
and I stood there jaw-dropped. Later in the evening we celebrated this lovely proposal with champagne and dinner at a wonderful restaurant

By; Shikay and shay

My boyfriend was a professional para sailor on the Daytona Beach in Florida and I'd met him in August 2004 while going for my first para sailing experience. We started dating and found our soul mates in each other. After that I'd gone for para sailing numerous times with him, so much that I got bored of it by the end. One day in March 2008 he told me to come with him to para sail again. I tried to fore fend the plan but on his insistence I agreed to go. We were on the top of the skies when he told me, "Para sailing brought us together. So I always wanted to do this while para sailing. Nora, Will you marry me?" There he removed a lovely solitaire ring from his trunks' pocket. I was amazed. I was surprised. But I was equally afraid if this expensive ring falls off from his hand. I said to him in a delirious tone, "Baby, Are you crazy?" He screamed loudly, "Yes I am! Now please tell me will you marry me?" I smiled and said, "Yes darling. I'll marry you. And you know what?"……… "I Love you" I screamed louder than him. I put forth my hand and he quickly slipped the ring on my finger. We may now sound like screwballs if I say that in fact we even had a nice sweet kiss while flying in the air. Ha ha!
By; Bob and Siky

Invan has always been absentminded. In fact it happened to him when he was supposed to
propose to me. It wasn't exactly a surprise because we had chosen the ring together. After three months of a highly busy schedule, we finally found time for each other on a weekend. So we planned up to do some bar-hopping in Manhattan on that evening. IVAN was too high and he kept on saying, "I love you Nordan & I want to spend the whole life with you". I could feel the ring box in the pocket of his jacket and so I expected it to come out straight on my finger any moment. The whole evening passed away in our deep and romantic talks, but the ring never came out. I thought maybe he had something else in mind. May be he'd propose to me on the way home. Hand in hand we reached home and Sterling dozed off straight on the bed. I went on the bed sympathizing myself, "May be he's
pretending and maybe he has planned up to wake me up and then propose". Well I was tired and couldn't be awake to think more. The next morning I got busy preparing the breakfast and had completely forgotten the ring, when my darling boyfriend rubbing his eyes came in the kitchen and said to me, "Sorry I forgot to do this last evening. Will you marry me?" And there was the ring in his hand finally. I said yes and tightly hugged my forgetful but truly adorable boyfriend (now husband).

By; Ivan and Nordan

One summer morning, Josh became too keen on going to the beach. I had some errands, so I tried to postpone the plan. But Josh just dint listen to me. I was a bit frustrated, but then I agreed. So we headed to a nearby beach. As we reached the shore, I saw a bunch of people far away sitting in a straight line each one holding a huge red thing in the hand. I told Josh, "Hey look at that, why are they sitting like that?" Josh answered rudely, "I don't know & I don't care." It was annoying because Josh never talks to me that way, how much ever agitated he may be. As we approached that bunch of people, they all stood up and left those red things in the air. Those were balloons I realized. The helium balloons floated in a straight line in the air and that surprised me. I looked at the balloons again and I saw M A R R Y M E – each alphabet written in white on each balloon. I quickly said to Josh, "Hey look at that Josh. It's a proposal!! Wow." Josh was surprised why I dint understand the whole thing yet. So he told me, "Hey look at those people now." Guess what I see below the balloons- all my people- dad, step mom, half-brother, best friend, another best friend, Josh's mom and her sister. I thought for a second and screamed aloud, "Oh My God!!! That's why you wanted to come on the beach huh?" And we all started laughing. While more of my family joined us from behind, Josh got on his knees and proposed to me with a fabulous diamond studded ring from Classic Diamond House. It was the surprise of my life. And of course I agreed. I really admire till today how Josh managed to get all this creative stuff done. I'd like to share those really amazing pictures with everyone if you guys allow me to upload it. I'm sure everyone will love them.

By; Josh and Gloria

I remember it was the first day my girlfriend Matilda had moved in with me. And I had kept the proposal just for the very day. After fixing up all her stuff, we sat down to relax on the sofa and I offered her to have a drink. "Some vodka with Sprite" she said. I went in the bar, made our drinks and in her drink I put the very special ice cube I'd frozen. We sipped on our drinks while romancing as well as relaxing and I kept on waiting for the ice cube to melt completely. But before it melted totally it touched Matilda's lips and she looked carefully at the drink. She turned to me and I said "Will you marry me Matilda? Would you like to spend the whole life with me?"Of course baby! That's why I am here today with you" she whispered in my ears and I saw tears in her beautiful eyes.

By; Matilda and bob

While dating, Christina was living at her parents' house, so after their dates Kyle would drive Christina home, and they would sit in his car until the wee hours of the morning and talk about anything and everything. Christina's parents' driveway became their little spot to hang out. They did that every day of the week. (Christina doesn't remember how they functioned on such little sleep, but she guessed they were high on love.)
The proposal
On Dec. 5, 2008, Chris came home from work. The had to go to her parents' house to drop something off. Gerry was acting really weird for the entire drive. Chris remembered getting really annoyed with him. When they got there, Chris parents weren't home, so Christina suggested waiting inside. Gerry reluctantly agreed.
They waited inside for a few minutes until Gerry suggested they go outside again. Chris said she didn't want to because it was cold. Gerry said a little bit louder, "Let's go outside!" So they went outside and stood in the driveway where they'd spent so much of their time getting to know each other — where their first kiss happened — and they spent so many other special moments together. All of a sudden he turned to her, said he wanted to spend the rest of his life with her, and told her he loved her so much. He got down on one knee, opened up the beautiful red box with the beautiful diamond ring of classic Diamond House and asked if Chris would marry him. She said yes!

By; Chris and Gerry
Married 2/01/2010

Jeff met Becca at a restaurant where she was working doing promotions while he was in New Orleans with friends for Mardi Gras. She gave him some free T-shirts and later had her friend approach him for her. Jeff asked her to dinner that night, and they had a great time…well, except for the part when his credit card got declined. Luckily, there was an ATM nearby.
The Proposal
About a year later,they went to see Rascal Flatts, both for the first time, while in Albany, NY. It was a very nerve-racking three hour drive for him. While she had no clue what was about to happen, he was planning to propose to her at the concert. When they got to the concert, Jeff waited nervously for their song to be performed.
As soon as the band launched into "Bless the Broken Road," he handed her a note that quoted the song: "'I couldn't see how every sign pointed straight to you!'Wanna live this dream forever?" She froze for a moment in shock while Jeff nervously sweated on one knee. Then she said yes. The people behind them started to cheer, probably louder for them than for the concert!
Becca was in complete shock and had no idea that Jeff had secretly had the ring for six months and was waiting for the concert to propose. Needless to say, it was an amazing concert!

By ;Becca and Jeff
Married 3/06/202011