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Discover the Beautiful Symmetry of Asscher Cut Engagement Rings

The Asscher cut diamond has long been heralded as one of the most beautiful cuts in the world since it first appeared on the precious gems scene in 1902. The name “Asscher” comes from its origins in the Royal Asscher Diamond Company, founded by renowned artisan Joseph Isaac Asscher in 1854. His son, also named Joseph, was the first to design the original Asscher cut. Today, Asscher cut engagement rings are known for their enchanting symmetry and light performance, which is superior to that of all other step cut diamonds.

Characteristics of the Asscher Cut

The Asscher is also known as a square emerald cut. It mimics the step cut of an emerald but is equal-sided rather than oblong. Angled corners as well as symmetrical rows of pavilion and crown facets are also hallmarks of Asscher diamonds. Due to its unique design, the Asscher typically looks deceptively smaller than other diamond shapes with the same carat weight. This is because the gem’s angles are engineered for optimal light return.

How to Identify the Best Asscher Diamonds

There are many ways to identify the best cut, however when it comes to Asscher diamonds they must pass one important test. When looking straight at the gem, the angles should make it appear as though you are gazing into infinity. This unique trademark alone makes the Asscher one of the most romantic diamonds in the world. The diamond should also carry an ideal length to width ratio of .95 to 1.05. Finally, inclusions are easier to see in step cut gems. To be unnoticeable your Asscher diamond should be rated VVS2 or higher.

Choosing a Setting to Complement the Asscher Cut

Because the Asscher cut diamond is so striking by itself, a minimalist setting is recommended although not required. Asscher cut engagement rings look amazing in simple, four-pronged settings or a band that shows off its angled corners. Hard edges look great because the mimic the Asscher’s strong lines, but rounded bands look just as beautiful too. If you choose to pair the Asscher with smaller accent stones, square gems tend to complement the diamond’s strong lines best.

Who Can Wear the Asscher Cut

The Asscher is a strong, statement cut. It complements the confident woman who appreciates the classic simplicity of symmetry and who doesn’t necessarily believe that more sparkle makes a better diamond. She will appreciate the gem’s mathematical precision, regal history, and the romantic notion that whenever she looks at her ring, she is indeed gazing straight into infinity.

Design your own custom Asscher cut engagement ring as unique as the love of your life today.