Clarity Enhanced Diamonds

Clarity Enhanced Diamonds

Natural Diamonds

Natural diamonds are stones that originated and mined from the earth.
These stones retain their beauty without any form of human intervention
even after millions of years. Not all diamonds are naturally created, though.
Some stones are made in labs, which only take months instead of millions of

At Classic Diamond House, we do not display these lab-created diamonds,
but only provide the most precious of natural stones. Here’s a look at how we
produce these natural diamonds:

How Do You Manufacture a Natural Diamond?

A rough diamond material still has a long way to go before it becomes a precious stone.
We will cut the rough diamond material into smaller pieces-using lasers. We will then
polish the material until it reveals its true magnificence and sparkle. In some cases,
manufacturing a natural diamond ends with the polishing process. The product is called
"non-enhanced" or "untreated" diamonds.

Natural diamonds contain a small portion of specific inclusions, which we can
eliminate. We can treat the stones to enhance their clarity and remove some
of the inclusions. The result would be stones called enhanced diamonds.

Is a Clarity Enhanced Diamond Natural?

Yes. Clarity enhanced diamonds are natural, as it comes from a real rough
diamond material. The enhancement process is just another aspect of the
manufacturing process, which also includes cutting and polishing. Moreover,
Classic Diamond has been performing clarity enhancement for many years, so
you can have complete assurance when it comes to the quality of our

What Difference Does Clarity Enhancement Make?

Enhanced diamonds do not require any special care. These can withstand
standard wear and tear just like any other natural stone. They can retain their
sparkle even after many years, which make them a favorite addition to any

We offer a 100% lifetime guarantee on our enhanced stones. This gives
you complete peace of mind should anything happens to the diamond. We
can even re-apply the enhancement without any additional charges upon

What Can Damage an Enhanced Stone?

Enhanced stones can incur damage if you expose them to abrasive chemicals
such as chlorine and ammonia. Exposing the stone to over 300 degrees
Celsius (572 degrees Fahrenheit) for too long can also damage the setting.
Should the stone attain damage from any of these conditions, Classic
Diamond House can re-apply the enhancement for your convenience. This
gives you a worry-free purchase for your stone.

Are Enhanced Diamonds Weaker than Natural Stones?

No. Clarity enhancement does not change the diamond in any way. Although
the added filling material may cause the stone to become more prone to
damage, this does not make it weaker than a natural one. The tiny fractures
often seen in high-clarity diamonds only appear as white strands when light
passes through the stone.

Classic Diamond House takes great pride in the quality and durability of our
clarity-enhanced stones. You can buy our clarity-enhanced diamonds with a
lifetime guarantee. Simply call us at 888-221-0111 or send an email to for more information.